Benefits of Membership at the Bhartiya Temple

Bhartiya Temple pic
Bhartiya Temple

The founder of Lakeshore Engineering, Avinash Rachmale leads the Detroit, Michigan-based firm as president and chief executive officer. In his free time, Avinash Rachmale participates in numerous community organizations, including the Bhartiya Temple in Troy, Michigan.

Bhartiya Temple welcomes members from all walks of life, provided they have respect for the Hindu philosophy and way of life. Membership in the Bhartiya Temple comes with a number of benefits, including discounts on the temple’s classes, including yoga and language courses. Further, members enjoy reduced rates for cultural programs and events, facility rentals, and priest services.

Membership also comes with privileges to check out materials from the temple’s library, which holds more than 1,300 books, 60 children’s books, 450 videos, and 350 CDs, DVDs, and cassettes in multiple regional languages. Finally, members can engage in community service opportunities, and children of members enjoy access to youth programs, including the Basant Bahar talent show and summer camp.