Medtech Thinktank – New Student Organization at Wayne State University


Medtech Thinktank pic
Medtech Thinktank

Lakeshore Engineering founder Avinash Rachmale serves as the president of the award-winning Detroit firm. Alongside his work, Avinash Rachmale supports the medical community through volunteerism and charitable giving. In particular, he contributes to the nearby Wayne State University School of Medicine to promote its innovative biomedical research.

The Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan, is known for producing many of the nation’s leaders in biomedical research. Students at the Wayne State University School of Medicine recently established Medtech Thinktank, a new force for medical innovation on campus. Medtech Thinktank founders Leedor Lieberman and Matthew Madion wanted to turn their love of questioning and knack for systems thinking into a force for creative problem solving.

Under their leadership, Medtech Thinktank asks participants to solve an open-ended problem or question. Students spend six months creating a solution to the problem. The program allows each student to apply innovative strategies to their own areas of interest. Some choose to devise solutions in policy, while others pursue a biomedical solution. Projects culminate in a design expo, where participants share their various solutions to the topical problem.