Wayne State Researchers Look at Mental Health of Syrian Refugees

Wayne State University pic
Wayne State University
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Avinash Rachmale serves as the president of Lakeshore Engineering, a Detroit company he founded in 1994. Outside of work, Avinash Rachmale gives back to the community through his support of organizations like the Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Recently, research from the school published the results of a six-month study on the mental health implications of dealing with civil war trauma among refugees from Syria that are now living in the United States. According to the finding, half of the adult refugees are dealing with depression and about 30 percent of them have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Perhaps even more troubling is the finding that 60 percent of children in the study showed signs of anxiety as a result of trauma. Researchers believe that this anxiety could be caused by PTSD in parents.

The refugees who were interviewed for the study had been living in the United States for two to eight weeks. About 400 individuals representing 95 families participated in the study, which involved a brief interview and collection of epidemiological, genetic, and stress data. Altogether, 90 percent of all the people invited to participate in the study agreed to take part.


Tips for Improving Entrepreneurial Motivation

Entrepreneurial Motivation pic
Entrepreneurial Motivation
Image: entrepreneur.com

An experienced entrepreneur who has achieved success through his work with Lakeshore Engineering Services in Detroit, Avinash Rachmale has led the company since its foundation in 1994. Avinash Rachmale has needed to stay motivated to achieve his goals throughout his career. Here are some motivational tips for budding entrepreneurs.

Find what drives you. According to an infographic created by Startup Bros, an entrepreneurial advice website, the four key motivators for most entrepreneurs include 1) owning their own business, 2) joining the startup culture, 3) generating wealth, and 4) capitalizing on great ideas. The takeaway from this is that all entrepreneurs must have something that pushes them toward success and should keep this goal in mind.

Develop your knowledge of your industry, competitors, and products. Doing so creates confidence in what you do. Understanding what you already know allows you to figure out what you need to learn, leading to the creation of goals to strive toward.

Avoid overthinking by splitting your larger goals into smaller, more achievable milestones. Doing so helps you circumvent procrastination and assists in your understand of what needs to be accomplished. Further, you receive the reward of constant achievement when setting smaller goals.