Fight Against These Limiting Beliefs and Find Business Success

Avinash Rachmale
Avinash Rachmale

As founder of preeminent construction company Lakeshore Engineering Services, Inc., Chief Executive Officer and President Avinash Rachmale has led the organization since 1994 to immense success, providing jobs in Detroit, Michigan, during the city’s economic downturn, and giving back to the community through the establishment of a nonprofit organization that serves residents of the area. In recognition of his leadership, business prowess, and philanthropic endeavors, Avinash Rachmale has received numerous accolades, including the national 2009 U.S. Small Business Administration Champion Award for Entrepreneurial Success.

There are certain limiting beliefs that should be examined and discarded if one is to have a successful business. According to an article in Entrepreneur magazine number one, believing that there’s only one look and reality of success is a falsity, and can keep someone from pursuing their dreams. Success looks different for each person. For instance, money isn’t always the biggest or sole barometer of success. For some, the impact that the work makes on society and the excitement and purpose that the work gives them defines true achievement.

Secondly, believing that the entire trajectory of one’s path must be known before getting started is another limiting belief. There’s no one particular route to take in life and there’s no way of knowing how that route will play out. It’s okay to change course midstream, depending on the circumstances that arise. Just take one step at a time and make the necessary decisions as they come up. Use one’s personal mission and core values to help guide the direction.

Finally, embrace making mistakes, as the belief that mistakes are bad and to be avoided hinders success. The only way to know what works and what doesn’t work is by trying and likely failing. Look at making mistakes as a means of learning. Mistakes help to reveal how to handle various situations and also develop valuable traits necessary for growth, leadership, and accomplishment, including grace, humility, courage, and persistence.