Avinash Rachmale Honored by Small Business Administration

Avinash Rachmale
Avinash Rachmale

Detroit executive Avinash Rachmale is the president and CEO of Lakeshore TolTest Corporation, a construction company experienced in airfield and infrastructure construction. Avinash Rachmale has been honored by the US Small Business Administration with a National Entrepreneurial Success Award.

Rachmale founded Lakeshore Engineering in 1994, and in 2010 the company would merge with TolTest corporation. Headquartered in an historic building in downtown Detroit, the combined company has a global reach, with some 100 employees located in Detroit and another 200 working in offices worldwide.

Lakeshore TolTest is committed to improving the city’s jobs growth as the firm has taken on an increasing volume of projects. This upward trend in employment has played a part in attracting other businesses to the area. It has also revitalized Detroit by reversing a trend of decaying neighborhoods. In support of this effort, the company created a non-profit operation to provide assistance to low-income areas such as Hamtramck, North End, and Highland Park.